Support Grant of the Faculty

Support Grant for third party funding applications

The Faculty of Psychology promotes application activities for external funding by a support grant, online application here.


  • application on a continuous basis until deadline
  • 2 deadlines per year: 30 Jun and 31 Dec


  • decision meeting of the faculty management team (dean and vice-deans) will take place 2-3 weeks after deadline.


  • for submitted proposals > € 100,000­­­­­­ (UniVie budget): max. € 1,000
  • for submitted proposals > € 1,000,000 (UniVie budget): max. € 2,000
  • Please note, that the total budget is limited to € 13,500 per deadline, which may reduce the actual amount paid out per grant. Grants from applicants that do not have a tenured professorship
    will, however, be endowed with priority.


  • employment at the Faculty of Psychology
  • confirmed submission of the proposal
  • budget (faculty part) above € 100,000
  • proposals will be granted once only (re-submissions are the same proposal)
  • short/first stage applications or similar are exempt from funding


  • the support grant can be used for all research activities and further applications, e.g. pilot studies, conference fees, travel costs, working contracts
  • duration of use is limited to the current budget / calendar year